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Choosy & Delicious

Delicious Gluten and Lactose-Free (Hardcover)

Delicious Gluten and Lactose-Free (Hardcover)

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Many people have a hard time with gluten or lactose intolerance. Therefore they worry they can't eat the tasty food they're used to. We won’t deny that you’ll have to adapt your eating habits. But with a little information and inspiration, you’ll still be able to enjoy delicious and healthy meals.

In ‘Delicious Gluten and Lactose-Free’ Viviane Vaes serves up a variety of delights anyone can cook at home. From everyday recipes to festive dishes. This book will help you prepare meals for every occasion and for everyone to enjoy. In this book, you’ll also find handy shopping lists with simple gluten-free or lactose-free ingredients.

The information in this book is supported and endorsed by professors from the university hospital in Leuven. Above all, they are renowned specialists in internal medicine, allergies, and gastroenterology.

About the author

Viviane Vaes has been passionate about nutrition her entire life. She made her first forays into the culinary world in her mother’s kitchen. She now has over 30 years’ culinary experience under her belt as a chef, orthomolecular food therapist, lecturer, and nutritional therapist.

As the manager of Choosy & Delicious, she has made it her mission to disprove the preconception that people with food allergies can't enjoy delicious and healthy gourmet food.

ISBN-NUMBER: 978-90-8273-302-0

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